Welcome to Studio One

About our studio

Studio One is an art-space and a gallery. It established by a number of South Sudanese artists in Juba 2017 as a first independent art space in the city and the country as a whole. It started as an artist’s joint place where they work together, share materials and space, and make discussions on art and culture issues on 2016. Later on, many artists joined the project and the Studio became an art collective with a number of established artists from South Sudan and East Africa both professional and self-taught artists with different visual disciplines (e.g. Painter, Sculpture artists, Illustrators, Designers, Cartoonists, Craft artists). Now we are able to show original art and exhibit a unique collection of artworks as many of our artists hang in prestigious museums, others are relatively unknown. Our Vision and Mission is to promote, through the arts, the free and creative expression of South Sudan’s cultures, to develop and promote excellence in the arts. If you are in Juba we will be happy if you visit us in person, if only a virtual visit is possible, please join our mailing list to receive updates of new works and invitations to our exhibitions and other art events.

James Aguer
Director & Curator