Deng Lual

Deng Peter Lual Manyang born in Sudan on 8 Oct 1984 Deng is a self-taught artist he realized his talent from childhood, he went to Cairo Art Academy to develop more skills and techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture 2017.

He is a holder of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology, College of Education, Juba University. He participated in number of group art shows and exhibitions in Egypt and South Sudan such as a group art show organized by Women Club under AU Committee in Egypt. Group Art Exhibition “Stop Gender Based Violence” at Juba University, organized by UN, among other group shows in South Sudan.

Yiga Robert

Yiga Robert is a Ugandan artist born in 1986. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Art from Margret Trowel School, Makerere University. He is specialized in Print Making (Wood cut) and is also an assistant lecturer at NSAAD.

He participated in numerous group art exhibitions at Nommo, Afriart, Emin pasha, Uganda Art and Umoja Art galleries. Its common to find busy people in busy places, carrying loads, pushing fruits on wheelbarrows, riding bicycles, wildlife, Boda Boda, hunting, fruit vendors and transport-related problems that dominated our Ugandan roads.

Using the rainbow colour scheme, Yiga Robert employs the right to dark technique which is unique for its bright and clear colours.

Artist Statement

My specialization is Printmaking using the technique of woodcut in my work. I focus on local themes like fishing, market scenes, farming and African children games. These themes have attracted my attention because of their originality and identity. When explored in my works, they reach African identity. Secondly, these themes communicate and represent the beauty of African culture. The works are executed using the light to dark colour woodcut technique which is interesting both in the process of making and the final effects in the completed work. This techniques have the potential of producing the works that can compete with oil paintings. Indeed some people mistake my prints to be paintings because of the colourful nature.

I believe that through my works I can be able to communicate the rich and beautiful African culture and also to demonstrate the boundless possibilities of the colour woodcut.

Steve Gitonga

Steve Gitonga

Since I can recall Art has always fascinated me, the idea of impression of existing objects and imaginary ideas on materials had a way of giving me complete peace with my being. The thought that my hands could hold whatever median to produce images on whatever material had a way of making me feel like the most gifted and blessed person that could ever be.

Coming to think of it, I could create artistic imageries at the time I learnt how to write without a clue of what Art entailed and what Art’s rules dictated and I loved it because it always came naturally.

Working with varied mediums I drew my inspiration from animations and illustrations especially Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomy illustrations to create realisms and later on progressing to Water washes and experimenting with various styles using various medium including electronic/digital art.

Graphite, Biro, Charcoal and Acrylics have over time become my dominant medium in a quest to develop and grow as an artist deriving new inspirations and techniques from Patrick Wokabi’s human figure appreciations of the African form to Impressionist and Chiaroscuro artists and their mastery of contrasts. My subject matter has been growing from realism to create a semi impressionist abstract feel.

The value of Design gripped my heart, leading me to pursue interior Design professionally incorporating an environment aspect of logic in all my design conceptualization while applying the creative fine art element to explore and exploit my creative mind to make not just beautiful but environmentally friendly aspects to all projects.

Currently based in Juba-South Sudan: I still share the innate beauty and value of my creative art with my sisters and brothers through various art exhibition events, sharing ideas and inspirations with my colleagues, friends and family as I play my heart felt role in encouraging harmony through appreciation of differences in all aspect of humanity and our environments.

“… Harmony harmony harmony…


We cannot exist as oneself; we need one another to allow all elements to exist.

Just as the different components of a beautiful artwork appeals to you, so should the gorgeous relationships of our differences enchant our souls.”


Bereket Ghebrmidhin

Bereket Ghebrmidhin is an Eritrean artist, born on 1984. He went to Tsaeda Christian Comprehensive Secondary School for his elementary, junior and secondary in Asmara the capital city of Eritrea where he grew up.

For his high education Bereket went to Asmara Art Academy 2007, also attended academic courses of fine arts at Mirara Art Association 2009. He joined other courses and developed techniques in print making, engraving and etching at Alliance Française – Asmara. In 2013 he obtained Diploma in Adult Professional Artists by European Union. Bereket inspired by the works of Sudanese artists Hassen Ali, Eltayeb DawElbait, and Eritrean artist Ermias Ekube.

Bereket illustrate cultural stories in his paintings and drawings through his knowledge and his being an expert in the Art Field. He painted many murals in churches and public places in Eritrea and South Sudan.

Bereket participated in many exhibitions at Mirara Art Association, Alliance Francaise, Satreb Art Institute in Asmara as well as Juba University in South Sudan. He got recognition and awarded as one of ‘‘the best six upcoming artists’’ 2011 by Mirara Art Association.’’ The best Art Instructor’’ 2012 by Satreb Art Institute. He currently live and work in South Sudan.

Deng Chol

Deng Chol, is a South Sudanese Painter, illustrator and a Chemist, born in 1982 in Abyei, he is a self-taught artist, Deng started his higher education at Nile Theological College (Philosophy) in Khartoum North, Khartoum State – Sudan 1998 before he quit and joined school of fine arts at Helwan University- Cairo. Egypt 1999. Deng received his Degree of Science (Chemistry) from El Mergeb University in Libya 2005.

He uses multimedia, Oil, Acrylics and water colors to create his artworks. His styles mostly are contemporary African Art, a cocktail of abstract and symbolism.

His works revolves around shapes, texture, harmony and uniform in colors, his themes depicted form local folklores, mythologies, customary values and activities. He is interested on ancient Nile civilizations the history of Nilotes, which in many cases are reflected in his creations through motifs, symbols and colors.

In 2013, together with other artists from South Sudan, Eritrea, South Africa and Sudan he formed “Desalame Art Group” before the idea developed to a formation of Studio One 2017 with his colleagues.

Deng participated and or/won designing of many local and regional infrastructure’s logos such as the South Sudan Football Association, Agricultural Bank of South Sudan and others.

Deng participated in several exhibitions and artists’ workshops in Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, France, Kenya, Uganda, USA, Romania and South Sudan. Deng is also an artivist who introduce graffiti works in Juba city, he is a cofounder of ANATABAN initiative 2017 advocating for peace and democracy in the new nation.

Studio One, South Sudan, Juba, Umoja Art Gallery, Kampala- Uganda,  Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi-Kenya, Cairo Atelier – Egypt.

Tel +254716413784



Suleiman Morgan

Suleiman Morgan, is a south Sudanese artist, born in Juba 1992 during the Sudan second civil war, as such his family moved to Khartoum where he started his Primary education 2001-2007, the family returned back to Juba after the CPA signed 2005, where he continued with his education to secondary level and College of Arts, Music and Drama, University of Juba 2015.

Morgan realized his talent since early age through his participations in school art activities, before he put his full attention and developed his own skills and style both music and visual arts  at the university. His main styles are Expressionism, Abstract and surrealism. His theses revolves around human life, day activity and customary values.

Suleiman participated in many group exhibitions within South Sudan. He is a member of Hope Society and been active and participated in many Workshops and Exhibitions organized by Hope Society, under the supervision of Professor Khalid Kodi of Boston College in 2015. As well as in Exhibition organized by United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) 2016 in Juba.

Morgan awarded the best talent in secondary school 2011 Sudan. Best over all male artist in music, by ANATABAN 2019.

Contacts: +211953166663/+211954592011.


James Aguer

James Aguer , was born in Twic East County, Jonglei State on 1978, His father was a craft man, and used his skills to make beds, chairs and to curve the horns of living cattle into curve, coil, and beautiful shapes. Aguer insures that his artistic spirit of his father lives in him, “it is in my blood” Aguer started his primary school in Ethiopia in 1988, as a displaced due to the war. He was part of the lost boys known as Red Army. He returned to Sudan and from there he went to Kakuma Refugees Camp in Kenya, Aguer continued training himself in art till he was employed by LWF/DWS as an art teacher from 1999 to 2003; in 2002, he finished his K.C.S.E in Kakuma, and awarded with a three years diploma in fine art Nairobi- Kenya in 2003. He returned to South Sudan in 2010 and he registered their own art company with friend’s artists known as ACT Innovation Ltd. He is also a co-founder of Studio One.

Aguer participated in number of art exhibitions locally and globally such as Khartoum, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kampala and USA as well.

Aguer majorly deals in realistic, modern arts (abstract) in forms of painting and multi-media craft. He is a trained Trauma and Healing Community Facilitator.

Aguer argues people to sticks on their gifts to help others, He uses his art talent in the training “in south Sudan drawing matters because most people cannot read and write but can communicate” through drawing.

Contact: +211955323510