Deng Chol

Deng Chol, is a South Sudanese Painter, illustrator and a Chemist, born in 1982 in Abyei, he is a self-taught artist, Deng started his higher education at Nile Theological College (Philosophy) in Khartoum North, Khartoum State – Sudan 1998 before he quit and joined school of fine arts at Helwan University- Cairo. Egypt 1999. Deng received his Degree of Science (Chemistry) from El Mergeb University in Libya 2005.

He uses multimedia, Oil, Acrylics and water colors to create his artworks. His styles mostly are contemporary African Art, a cocktail of abstract and symbolism.

His works revolves around shapes, texture, harmony and uniform in colors, his themes depicted form local folklores, mythologies, customary values and activities. He is interested on ancient Nile civilizations the history of Nilotes, which in many cases are reflected in his creations through motifs, symbols and colors.

In 2013, together with other artists from South Sudan, Eritrea, South Africa and Sudan he formed “Desalame Art Group” before the idea developed to a formation of Studio One 2017 with his colleagues.

Deng participated and or/won designing of many local and regional infrastructure’s logos such as the South Sudan Football Association, Agricultural Bank of South Sudan and others.

Deng participated in several exhibitions and artists’ workshops in Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, France, Kenya, Uganda, USA, Romania and South Sudan. Deng is also an artivist who introduce graffiti works in Juba city, he is a cofounder of ANATABAN initiative 2017 advocating for peace and democracy in the new nation.

Studio One, South Sudan, Juba, Umoja Art Gallery, Kampala- Uganda,  Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi-Kenya, Cairo Atelier – Egypt.

Tel +254716413784



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