Steve Gitonga

Steve Gitonga

Since I can recall Art has always fascinated me, the idea of impression of existing objects and imaginary ideas on materials had a way of giving me complete peace with my being. The thought that my hands could hold whatever median to produce images on whatever material had a way of making me feel like the most gifted and blessed person that could ever be.

Coming to think of it, I could create artistic imageries at the time I learnt how to write without a clue of what Art entailed and what Art’s rules dictated and I loved it because it always came naturally.

Working with varied mediums I drew my inspiration from animations and illustrations especially Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomy illustrations to create realisms and later on progressing to Water washes and experimenting with various styles using various medium including electronic/digital art.

Graphite, Biro, Charcoal and Acrylics have over time become my dominant medium in a quest to develop and grow as an artist deriving new inspirations and techniques from Patrick Wokabi’s human figure appreciations of the African form to Impressionist and Chiaroscuro artists and their mastery of contrasts. My subject matter has been growing from realism to create a semi impressionist abstract feel.

The value of Design gripped my heart, leading me to pursue interior Design professionally incorporating an environment aspect of logic in all my design conceptualization while applying the creative fine art element to explore and exploit my creative mind to make not just beautiful but environmentally friendly aspects to all projects.

Currently based in Juba-South Sudan: I still share the innate beauty and value of my creative art with my sisters and brothers through various art exhibition events, sharing ideas and inspirations with my colleagues, friends and family as I play my heart felt role in encouraging harmony through appreciation of differences in all aspect of humanity and our environments.

“… Harmony harmony harmony…


We cannot exist as oneself; we need one another to allow all elements to exist.

Just as the different components of a beautiful artwork appeals to you, so should the gorgeous relationships of our differences enchant our souls.”


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