Suleiman Morgan

Suleiman Morgan, is a south Sudanese artist, born in Juba 1992 during the Sudan second civil war, as such his family moved to Khartoum where he started his Primary education 2001-2007, the family returned back to Juba after the CPA signed 2005, where he continued with his education to secondary level and College of Arts, Music and Drama, University of Juba 2015.

Morgan realized his talent since early age through his participations in school art activities, before he put his full attention and developed his own skills and style both music and visual arts  at the university. His main styles are Expressionism, Abstract and surrealism. His theses revolves around human life, day activity and customary values.

Suleiman participated in many group exhibitions within South Sudan. He is a member of Hope Society and been active and participated in many Workshops and Exhibitions organized by Hope Society, under the supervision of Professor Khalid Kodi of Boston College in 2015. As well as in Exhibition organized by United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) 2016 in Juba.

Morgan awarded the best talent in secondary school 2011 Sudan. Best over all male artist in music, by ANATABAN 2019.

Contacts: +211953166663/+211954592011.


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