Yiga Robert

Yiga Robert is a Ugandan artist born in 1986. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Art from Margret Trowel School, Makerere University. He is specialized in Print Making (Wood cut) and is also an assistant lecturer at NSAAD.

He participated in numerous group art exhibitions at Nommo, Afriart, Emin pasha, Uganda Art and Umoja Art galleries. Its common to find busy people in busy places, carrying loads, pushing fruits on wheelbarrows, riding bicycles, wildlife, Boda Boda, hunting, fruit vendors and transport-related problems that dominated our Ugandan roads.

Using the rainbow colour scheme, Yiga Robert employs the right to dark technique which is unique for its bright and clear colours.

Artist Statement

My specialization is Printmaking using the technique of woodcut in my work. I focus on local themes like fishing, market scenes, farming and African children games. These themes have attracted my attention because of their originality and identity. When explored in my works, they reach African identity. Secondly, these themes communicate and represent the beauty of African culture. The works are executed using the light to dark colour woodcut technique which is interesting both in the process of making and the final effects in the completed work. This techniques have the potential of producing the works that can compete with oil paintings. Indeed some people mistake my prints to be paintings because of the colourful nature.

I believe that through my works I can be able to communicate the rich and beautiful African culture and also to demonstrate the boundless possibilities of the colour woodcut.

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